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Pads Donation
IAL Cookout/Picnic with First Mid IL Bank & Trust & Consolidated CCS
Highway Pickup
Fall Auction
IAL Pioneer Club Executive Board

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PADS Donation

Team ???In 2014, the local PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) was running low on certain supplies. After talking to Paul Rilett it was determined they could use the following items: Coffee, Milk, Eggs, Ground Meat, Sugar, Lettuce, Razors, Deodorant, HE Laundry Soap, Paper Plates, Drink Mixes and Butter. In this picture you will see the first donation dropped off to PADS and Paul Rilett. As you can see by the smile on Paul's face, he was thrilled with our first donation.

PADS is always in need of supplies, so If you would like to donate items to PADS at any time and cannot take them to PADS directly, please contact Theresa at 217-254-6699.

Our Club is also responsible for cooking 1 night a month at PADS. At the beginning of each year we make a calendar and fill the slots for our nights with members and other employees at CCI. We cook on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, so if you are interested in cooking at PADS, give us a call and we will provide you with additional information and a contact for PADS.

Working together we DO make a difference!

Cookout/Picnic with First Mid IL Bank & Trust & Consolidated CCS

Our 8th Annual Cookout/Picnic will held on May 30th. We are hoping for a great turnout again this year and more details will be shared as they are finalized.

Highway Pickup

Angelo Rosa and Celeste Webb pick up trash along west Route 16 Our First Highway Cleanup of 2019 has not been scheduled as of this time, but future dates coming soon. However, when we do get dates set, please consider joining us at 5:15 pm at 3300 Moultrie (former Blue Bird Diner Area) and help us make our Earth more beautiful. Bring your gloves and we will provide safety vests.

Scholarship Awards

Award winners at our 2014 Awards CeremonyThe recipients of last year's awards were: Kelsie Walden, Paige Swango, Joy Witto, Janette Comstock and Hannah Warfel.

Our 2019 Scholarship Applications are now available and due back to us by May 15th.

If you are a member of IAL and have a child, grandchild or great grandchild attending college in the fall of 2019, please check out the criteria for the Application so you can get a jump start on what you will need) Applications for 2018 are due May 1st, 2018 and up to date documents are currently on-line. Reminder, Scholarship eligibility requires a member who has been in the IAL Pioneer Club for at least 2 years prior to the scholarship Application deadline.

If you are NOT a member of the IAL Pioneer Club, why not consider joining us. Membership requires an employee with 1 or more years of service within the Telecommunications Industry and a yearly payment of dues (currently $25.00). Please feel free to check out our Membership application. and join today! You too can be a part of this and other wonderful things the IAL Pioneer Club has to offer.

Fall Auction

Our Fall Auction for 2019 date has not been set. Stay tuned for updates.

The 2018 Fall Auction was held on November 1st at the Corporate Building on the 6th Floor. We had a poor turnout for the event, we had approximately 30 people who purchased bid numbers and attending the event. Our net from the event was $1,200, which will be used to make Scholarship Awards to students in 2019.

Reminder, if you are a member of IAL and have a child, grandchild or great granchild currently attending college or one that will be attending college in 2019 be sure to check out our Scholarship section and see if they qualify to apply for one of our Scholarships.

IAL Executive Board 2018-2019!!

2018-2019 Board set!

Our Executive Board is an elected Board of 7 members being elected and 2 members (Secretary/Treasurer & Scholarship Chair) being appointed positions. The current Board's term is 2018 - 2019. In October of 2019 we will be seeking our next Board Team! We meet 1 day a month, unless we have an event that requires additional meeting times. We typically hold a Spring Event and a Fall Event. If you would like to discuss more of what it takes to be one of our Board Members, please feel free to contact me at 217-254-6699. We would love to have you join out next Executive Board!

Our current Executive Board is as follows: President - Joy Kelley, Vice President - Brett Kingery, Board Members - Shelly Romack, Greg Spears, Christa Packer, and Secretary/Treasurer - Theresa Nelson Swango.


Our week for Lightworks for 2019 has not been scheduled at this time, stay tuned for further updates later in the year.

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